Thanks for your interest in the Fast-Friends email group! We are cycling enthusiasts in the Rochester area who stay in touch via the email list. Often we do the Rochester Bike Club rides but we also do many impromptu rides early and late in the season and charity rides, etc.  Sometimes we even schedule overnight or extended bike trips. It’s all very casual. Don’t be put off by the name as we have all levels of cyclists on the list, over 200 cyclists. I generally set up new Fast Friends with one summary email per day. But you may miss out on some information about a ride or a ride someone posts for later the same day. If you wish, send me an email and I will set you up to receive each email, multiple email addresses are OK, like work and home.

Big news!   Fast Friends Onno K and Cindy F collaborated to design a website that lists all the rides, Day and Evening, for the entire season. And there are scheduled rides almost every day and/or evening until November. So, if you decide you want to ride just go here  pick the date and either  Show Day Rides” (Mon-Fri) or “Show Calendar Rides” (Mon-Fri eves and the weekends). See more info below.

There are a few recurring rides every week throughout the summer. Thursday 6pm at Browncroft and Blossom Rd, Friday 6pm in Victor at Dryer Road Park, see more info below. Wednesday at 6pm there is always a scheduled ride that bounces around but often starts at Mendon Ponds Park, use the Day Rides website for details.

Join the Rochester Bicycle Club to get the CD with 400 mapped and cued routes.

Thanks for joining the Fast-Friends!! You’ll have lots of new cycling friends soon!!


Day Ride Info:

You don’t need to be an RBC member to enjoy these, or any other RBC bike rides

These are the only RBC rides that do not appear on the RBC calendar. Instead, and typically only with several days notice and an eye on the weather forecast, an RBC rider will volunteer to lead a Day Ride. (Shorter notice means better weather will be more likely!)  You may subscribe to receive email announcements about these rides, but ONLY if you go to the link noted and submit your email address for that purpose.

The date, time, start location, and information about the full route, will be posted on the Day Ride Center calendar, which can be accessed from the RBC web page or with this link:

In addition, the average speed range for the ride will be posted—having an explicit average speed range naturally encourages group riding. It also means it would help to know what your speed capabilities are for the distance and terrain (hilliness) of the posted ride! However, even if you do not, you are welcome to take your best guess and join a day ride to find out.  Riding in one group is encouraged, though not required.  You may join a day ride group and opt to ride faster or slower than the posted average speed.  However, as part of that choice you may be riding solo.

After the ride, there is often a social gathering—yes, that means food – though riders are not required to participate since the primary focus is the ride.  This too will be described on the Day Ride Center posting.

These rides vary greatly in average speed and length, so you will need to check the Day Ride Center calendar for more information.

Fast Friends Friday Rides – Road or MTB

This is a ride series that will happen every Friday from May through August.  Two options are offered: 1) a Road ride, and 2) a MTB ride.  The road rides are selected from a group of 6 routes, all starting from Dryer Rd park (map #361)at 6pm. These routes range from 23 to 41 miles and are moderately hilly.  At the start of the ride the group leader chooses a route based on amount of daylight and rider's abilities.  We use a modified 'No-Drop' policy.  We start a various paces, but chose several points along the routes to either loop back to pick up slower riders, or wait at these points to regroup.  This policy is optional and other than the group leader, no one is 'forced' to ride in this manner.  We have found this makes the ride a little more social and fun, due to the fact you are not riding the whole ride by yourself.


The MTB rides are on the trails inside Dryer Rd park.  We started offering this option last year, and found there was a fair amount of interest.  These groups also tend to stay together and regroup at the top or bottom of several trails.  In either late May or June we will host a beginners night.  The more experienced MTB riders will be offering advice as to how to get started on the trail system at Dryer Rd.  This should help beginners feel more comfortable and find the right trails for their abilities.


Speaking of being social, after many of these rides a group of us head out to a local restaurant for some food and drink.  I lean heavily on my activities director, but we are open to suggestions.  We do try to keep the driving to a minimum.  The going out to eat group changes according to everyone's schedule. So just in case you may want to bring a change of clothes in the car.